The Kutle Khan Project is a unique collective of Rajasthani folk musicians highlighting Kutle Khan, a multi-talented folk musician who has performed on various stages across the world.His music is as seductive as it is rhythmically complex.

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    Kutle Khan Project

    The Kutle Khan Project is Khan’s voyage into a world of music beyond boundaries; where he delves into his folk roots and draws from his musical experience and influence of collaborating with musicians from different cultures.What remains is a perfectly distilled blend of musical styles with a strong Rajasthan folk sensibility...... More info

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    Kutle Khan Project live in concert.

    Kutle Khan has been performing in India and overseas for more than 15 years. He has performed extensively in more than 47 countries...... more info

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    Musicion, Singer, Composer & Multi instrumentalist.

    Khan is a commendable Khartal (wooden castanets) player and has performed with his own band in several gigs across India...... more info

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    Kutle Khan has been featured on the TV music series like

    Dewarists,Coke Studio at Mtv, Soundtrek and is considered one of the most successful artists from Rajasthan who has established his name internationally as a stunning performer and versatile vocalist...... continue reading

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    Beyond the Kutle Khan Project, Khan is also

    An integral part of Rajsthan roots, Susheela Raman the UK tamil Artist, Midival Punditz Among Others...... read more


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