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Kutle Khan
Dayam Khan
Gafoor Khan

KUTLE KHAN is an extremely talented and charismatic performer, Kutle is the rising star of Jaisalmer district, Rajasthan / India. He sings popular, devotional and folk songs, plays every percussion instrument he can lay his hands on, and is a master of the morchang, bhapang, dholak and khartals. He has stunned audiences throughout India as well as in over fifty countries worldwide…….
This website covers many informations about Kutle Khan, about his MUSIC, about his PROJECTS and COOPERATIONS with music-projects from all over the world.
Beside the very well known and successful cooperation with the austrian Gipsy-Musician HARRI STOJKA (Harri Stojka India Express), Kutle KHAN cooperates with many great musicians like SUSHILA RAMAN, CocoRosie, KARSH KALE, MidivalPunditz, KAILASH KHER, WEST IS WEST (Soundtrack), RAJASTHAN ROOTS, SHAA’IR + Func, TALVIN SINGH JAMESSION, and, and, and……..

Champe Khan
Magda Khan

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