The Kutle Khan Project is a unique collective of Rajasthani folk musicians highlighting Kutle

Khan, a multi-talented folk musician who has performed on various stages across the world;
His music is as seductive as it is rhythmically complex. He embodies the rich melodic and
sophisticated rhythmic traditions of Rajasthani folk music, and his performances are informed by
his understanding of contemporary Indian and Western musical traditions.

With this, Kutle Khan produces the most passionate and energetic live Sufi and Indian Folk.
Coming from a family of musicians, this master of the khartal from the land of the Rajputs began
playing music at the age of 8, learning every instrument he could get his hands on. A singer as
well as a musician, Khan not only plays the dholak, khartal, bhapang, harmonium, sarong, the lot,
proving that there’s no percussion he can’t play, he also sings soulful renditions, and also writes and
composes his own songs.

His first experience playing music outside of India was when he was invited to spend 3 months in
Corsica, France. Apart from his many performances stunning his audiences in India, he has since
travelled to 53 countries
, gaining popularity and spreading Indian Folk music to all parts of the

The Kutle Khan Project features Kutle Khan as singer, multi instrumentalist and artistic director,
Champe Khan on the harmonium and as vocal sarangi player, Dayam khan with the Khartal, Gafur
Khan playing the Bhapang and Morchang, Roshan Khan with the tabla and dholak, and Laxmi
Sapera as a sufi dancer.

Beyond the Kutle Khan Project, Khan is also an integral part of the Rajasthan Roots, a popular band
of collective folk musicians from Rajasthan who create folk and contemporary music. He also tours
with the legendary Susheela Raman, a UK-Tamil artist, whose beautiful voice, visionary musical
landscape and charismatic stage presence have enchanted millions of listeners in Europe, India and
beyond.Also He performs with midival punditz & Papon, And Tritha Electic…